Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sorry State In INDIA!!!!

First of all heartiest congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team for an amazing display of cricketing skills & for bringing the Cricket World Cup home after 28 years!
The whole team deserves the love and affection of the entire nation.
After the victory the whole country showed their love for the team members.

The BCCI announced Rs. 1Cr for each team member. Hyundai promised a soon to be launched car for each member. Karnataka Government promises plots to each member. The list doesn't end here. Each players will be showered with cash from each of their respective state governments & not to mention, the brands they endorse will have to pay more now that the cup is home.

While taking no credit away from the Indian Cricket Team, just give it another thought. Was all this really necessary????

After all, it was just a Cup! Yes, it is the cup that counts! But is it worth so much???
In a country where inflation is rising by the hour. The government doesn't have the money to bring down the prices of day-to-day items, but it has enough money to gift the players!
V borrow money from the world bank to build roads, flyovers, bridges, etc. as there is no money with the government, then from where does all this come from??
There is no land for the poor, the homeless but there are lots of vacant plots for each member of the team.

Have we forgotten that cricket is not the only sport in India? Have sportspersons who have excelled in some other sport been given even 1/10th of what has been showered upon the cricket team???

All this for winning a CUP!!!!

It was just a tournament which the team has won, not a WAR!!!
Yes, agreed the match against Pakistan was nothing less than war, but again it was just a match, not a war!!

What did our soldiers get for laying down their lives in the Kargil war?? It was a war against Pakistan which we won, but what did they get?
What did the NSG commandos & hundreds of policemen get for putting their lives in danger???
Many widows of the martyrs still await their pensions.

The government doesn't have the money to provide technology to build its own Fighter Plane or even buy a new one. It still uses second hand & rejected planes of various nations. But it has money to bestow upon cricketers for winning just another tournament!!

Yes, agreed winning the Cup was very emotional! After all, Sachin was trying for it for almost 20 years! But just give it a thought!
On one side there people who don't have money to buy clothes, live on streets, die of hunger, and on one side even the players whose only job was to supply drinks, bats, gloves etc are commemorated with crores of rupees and plots!!

All the happiness that was there after winning the cup is lost if you give it just another thought!!

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